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I live in Rainier Oregon, where we went through several attempts to remove PGE as Electric service provider for our city. In each attempt lower cost electricity and not being under a monopoly brought everyone into agreement that PUD would be a better way to go.

Then PGE started its FEAR Tactics... Change is sometimes bad... You may not receive good service... How do you know the price won't go up? How are they going to buy us out, without raising the power rates? PUD is Government, and Government is unable to do what we (PGE) can do.

Right before the elections PGE sent people door to door with new shower heads, and gave a small donation to the local school. Their fear tactics worked, and some of my neighbors decided that because PGE had been controlling our lives for this long, why change? 

If you have been lulled into believing that PGE is somehow good for you, try to remember the lesson learned in the Movie classic  "It's a Wonderful Life"... Like Potter, PGE is not the caring parental figure looking out for our best interest, they just want to make lots of easy money and keep us under their fear driven control. The Building and Loan Society, today called the PUD, gives us the power to help make policy, putting our interest first. Bullies like Potter, and PGE have always been scared of the little James Stewarts, or PUD guys, and want to stop them no matter what!

Sure we take some of the risk, but we are also first in line for gain, which means reduced power rates. When is the last time that ever happened from PGE, that wasn't mandated by government? By the way! Have you ever thought of how many PUD areas have voted to go back to PGE? NONE!

In Rainier we have been switched to PUD for a few years now.  My electric bill has dropped nearly in half; outages have been handled as well or better than with PGE. Our PUD not only saves me money, but with projects like our Co-Gen plant, we will have low cost power far into the future. It's what the Building and Loan Society was doing on "It's a Wonderful Life". We're moving from an apartment, owned by PGE, into a bigger better house, owned by me, and PAYING LESS FOR IT!  Aren't you tired of being lead by fear? Don't listen to the Potters any more! Take control and vote for PUD, make it your Wonderful LIFE!

Randy Russell
A happy PUD customer in Rainier, Oregon

Webmaster note: Rainier joined Clatskanie PUD in 1999 and their rates are less than half (-56%) of PGE in 2002.


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