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  • $5 million: amount of ratepayer money PGE used to defeat the 1992 measure that would have closed the Trojan Nuclear plant at no cost to ratepayers.
  • 1: number of weeks after the measure's defeat that PGE closed Trojan permanently at ratepayer expense.
  • 29: number of large publicly owned utilities in Oregon with rates lower than PGE.
  • 5: number of publicly owned utilities bordering PGE territory with lower rates than PGE.
  • 0: number of PUDs in Oregon charging higher rates than PGE.
  • 3.53: cents/kw-hour [2002 average] paid by residential customers of Clatskanie PUD.
  • 8.03: cents/kw-hour [2002 average] paid by residential customers of PGE.
  • $750 million: amount PGE has collected through May 2005 from ratepayers for federal and state income tax payments since 1997. It increases by almost $2 million weekly.
  • $749.8 million: amount of these collections PGE and Enron kept for themselves so far.
  • $100 million: amount PGE employees lost due to Enron's stock fraud.
  • $80 million: amount Oregon PERS lost due to Enron's stock fraud.
  • 5: number of pages in Enron reorganization plan needed to list all lawsuits, most for fraud, against PGE.
  • Undetermined: amount these suits may cost PGE ratepayers.
  • 30: number of “restructuring specialists” Enron has hired to help it sell PGE.
  • $860,000: amount each "specialist" is paid per year in salary alone.
  • 3: number of electric utility bankruptcies since Congress rewrote regulations in 1978 revoking state veto of settlements.
  • 2: number of electric utility bankruptcy reorganization plans, since 1978, which called for the sale or transfer of assets out from under state rate regulation.
  • $1.9 billion: present PGE value as a regulated electric utility.
  • $5.0 billion: PGE value if transmission and generation assets are sold out from under state rate regulation.
  • $300 million: yearly increased cost to ratepayers if such a sale occurs.
  • 0: number of reasons Enron and Wall Street banks have to not dismember PGE in the bankruptcy proceeding or through utility deregulation.


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