Garden Maintenance And Social Status: The Seven Principals Of Design

The principles of design are landscaping ideas that can help you come up with a cohesive, unified, and beautiful landscape for your home. They do not appear in any ranking format and each one of them can be applied depending on the needs. Once they are put into place, their impact on the landscape will be noticed by anyone.


Remove elements that do not add to the design. Give priority to what is relevant to maintain the design’s cleanliness.

A simple design is easier to maintain and increase effectiveness.


Consider a diverse selection of shapes, sizes, colors, and forms. Diversity creates a visual attraction. While you strive to achieve this, always consider simplicity too to avoid creating varied designs.


Everything placed in the design carries some visual weight with it. Balance everything to ensure that one is not overpowering the other. A formal balance has both factors mirroring each other, while an informal balance can be equal but not matching sides. Both can work well depending on the situation.


Putting emphasis on the design with different textures, forms, and colors will bring attractive visual effects to the landscape. Be sure to balance the emphasis without overdoing it since it may cause chaos in the design.

Specimen areas are ideal in standing alone, while accent areas can stand out with additional emphasis within larger designs. Use key plants to deemphasize architectural features.


The transition of elements based on size, shape, and texture is very important when you want to achieve a perfect landscaping design. Gradual changes from one element to another offer a smooth transition and sequence.

An abrupt transition from tall to short plants to dot work in many situations.

Scale & Proportion

The scale defines the size of elements in a landscape, while proportion refers to how these elements are related. The size of the elements and proportion should be balanced. Large trees in the landscape overpower the rest of the landscape and pull drives the attention of the eye towards them.


A good design makes every element work and fits perfectly together in the design. Interconnection brings unity through connections between walkways, stairs, fences, and patio, porch, and other areas in the surrounding.

Repetition brings unity by occurring several times in many areas.

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