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The terms ‘’society’’ and ‘’community’’ are often used interchangeably. However, these concepts do not have similar meanings. A community refers to a group of people who share a common language, beliefs,  tradition, or manners. In contrast, society relates to members of an ethnicity, association for an activity, civilization, or art. A community is, therefore, a subset of society.

The differences between the two concepts exist in different forms. Here are how society differs from the community.


Both society and community consist of groups of people. A society is a network of different social relationships among people. However, a community comprises people living in a given locality with a certain level of interaction. For instance, people living within a specific city in the US could form a society. But people working for a particular company within the city are considered as a community. They are a community since they share a level of interaction or relationship among themselves.


Society forms a large group of individuals sharing territory and share a similar general culture. In contrast, the community is small and only involves people who interact with one another personally. You cannot belong to the same community if you do not have any interactions. Moreover, the community is said to be a more intimate group compared to society.


Society does not have specific boundaries to its members and is universal. However, a community must be associated with a specified area: an example, members of one particular school.


The population in society is expressed by the feeling of togetherness and oneness among people. Relations among people are more important than their mere numbers. For a community, the general population is a significant characteristic irrespective of their connections.

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Differences and Similarities Among Members

 A society comprises both the similarities and differences of its members, while a community is more specific to members’ common similarities. A community is centred more on the like-ness, but a society involves both similar and diverse interests.

Concrete and Abstract Nature

Society is abstract, but a community is seen as concrete. This difference is because a community is limited to a specific location while society exists to the people who constitute it.

Basic Living Premise

The society aims to honour, obey, follow their pertinent laws, and uphold all that their culture entails. For the community, it is all about sharing common traits and interests.


A society can still function properly even if its members have different interests or ways of doing things. In comparison, members of a similar community must thrive towards the same aspects and do not allow differences.


Society has a broader scope of the community. The community has a narrower cope because it began to exist much later after society. There would be no community without a society.


A society is more diverse and more significant compared to a community. And while a community considers the members’ similarities, society does not discriminate and involves people despite their likeness or differences.  From the above, you can clearly understand what society or community implies.

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