Why Are Mental Illnesses Like Depression And Anxiety So Common So Common In Society Today?

According to the Institute for Health Metrics Evaluation, nearly 13% of the world’s population (971 million people) suffer from some type of mental disorder. Mental illnesses range from common disorders such as anxiety and depression to rere forms like paraphilia and trichotillomania. Today, mental illnesses have become so common in society, with anxiety, substance abuse, and depression affecting over 500 million people combined. But why have they become so common today?

Parenting Style

With anxiety and depression affecting many teens in the world today, parenting style has proven to be an important aspect when it comes to reducing anxiety and depression.

An unhealthy parenting style raises socially anxious children. Parents who tend to criticize or overcontrol their children can be the cause of anxiety to them. It is always important to show affection to children from their young age to make them grow into better adults.

Poor parenting style raises children with trust problems and high levels of anxiety.

Social Media

With almost every person, from children to adults, connected to social media, some negatives from the platform have been noticed. Cyberbullying is not a new concept in the platforms. Apart from this, most people only post their positive experiences on these sites. With this in mind, it is hard for one not to compare their life to what they see, just adding pressure to them.

People also tend to react to every post with their personal views and any negative response to their posts.

High Expectations And Pressure To Succeed

With the changing world and success turning to be a factor that requires too much effort to be achieved. Today, many people feel too much pressure to succeed even in many different ways. When people fail to succeed or think things are not going as planned, depression kicks in. This is because people get disappointed when they fail to meet targets. But looking at things, most people have set high expectations that lead to this.

A Changing World

The world has changed in many ways. The fear of the unknown, insecurity and terrorism, wars, and disasters. The world no longer feels safe anymore. People are scared and public places have become dangerous places to be. Mass shootings, rape cases, and other dangers seem to happen at any time. Jobs can be lost at any time, with abrupt pandemics that affects world order. All these factors have contributed to mental illnesses with people feeling not safe anymore.

Stressful life events

Many people are experiencing stressful life events that cause mental illnesses. Ongoing stressful life events such as work stress, family and relationship issues, traumatic events, the death of a loved one, and change in living arrangements are recipes for mental illnesses.

Increased physical health problems

Some physical health problems can also contribute to mental illnesses. Some conditions such as diabetes, asthma, and hypertension can even impact the treatment of mental disorders like anxiety.

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