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The Oregonian — Letter to the Editor

With PUDs, customers save

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Walt Pollock is wrong in his May 14 opinion piece regarding the Clackamas County people's utility district (PUD) feasibility study.

I have reviewed the same study, and the assumptions used are extremely conservative.

What my 20 years of managing Columbia River PUD, following a "costly government takeover from PGE" in 1984, tells me is that there is money to be saved on electric bills if Portland General Electric's customers were to own the electric distribution system.

If you vote "no," the only costly takeover taking place will be the one by Texas Pacific Group. Watch your electric rates go up then.

What doesn't make sense is continuing to pay a profit, embedded in your rates, to private owners who have a monopoly on an essential service.

FERGUS PILON General manager, retired Columbia River PUD St. Helens

Webmaster note: Rates at Columbia River PUD are 24.4% less than PGE.


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