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Alternative Hydropower Of Wave Power Plants

Today, the main sources of energy are hydrocarbons, oil, coal, gas. Studies have shown that coal deposits at the current rate of production will be sufficient for a further four centuries, and oil and gas deposits will end in four decades and six decades respectively.

Волновые электростанции как будущее гидроэнергетики

Such a rapid reduction in the number of minerals requires the search for other methods of energy production. The most promising species is hydropower as a wave.

Integrated structure of wave power stations

The wave power station is a water-based building capable of producing electricity through waves. They must be considered under two circumstances:

- wave power. The waves heading to a large circumference collector make the turbine scapegoat propellant in a working condition. There's another way, the wave moves through the open tank, compressed air, compelling the engine to work.

- superficial energy. This is where electricity is obtained by converters - floats that follow the wave direction on the water plane.

There are the following types of such floats:

Solter ' s duck means a large number of alloys that are installed on the same floor. For this type of performance, the float has to be fixed up to 30 grand.

The Kokkerel Plot is a 4-point building with a joint that moves because of wave power and forces hydrocylindrical devices to operate generators.

Pelamis converters are infiltrated by sea snakes, cylinder segments are combined in a ballinary manner and the wolf-formed " snake " is bending, causing hydraulic damage.

Merits and shortcomings Hydropower waves

Today, only 1 per cent of the electricity produced is hydroelectric, but their resources are huge. The small use of wave power stations is due to costly outlet energy.

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