Гидроэнергетики России

Characteristics Of Hydropower

Initially, water flow energy was used in the drives
machines - mills, machines, hammers, etc. Invention
hydraulic turbines, electric machine and mode of transmission
Hydropower purchased a new range of electricity
value already as water-related electricity
by converting it into hydroelectric
Stations (GES). GPPs are mobile energy installations, profitable
different from thermal power plants with regard to frequency management,
peak loads and emergency energy storage.

Technical capacity of large hydropower resources
and the Russian average rivers are estimated at 240 million. KW or 2,100 billion
kW/h annual electricity generation and cost-effective
Hydropower approximately 125 million kW or 1,095 billion kW/h.
GEC meets about 15 per cent of the total electricity requirement. In a number
(especially in the Asian part)

However, the use of hydropower in our case
The country has some characteristics. According to available data, 7 per cent of the river
Rivers entering the Baltic, Black and Azona seas, roughly
21% in Beringovo, Ohot, Japan Sea, 9 per cent in the Caspian Sea and Aral,
63 per cent in the North Sea of the Arctic Ocean, that is, the majority of energy resources
located in eastern areas, while most of the population
Lives in the western and southern parts of the country.

Other important feature of hydro resources
consists of a large amount of unevenness in the river flow over time,
for a variety of reasons (larges of the drain, its relays,
climate zone, etc.). According to the Hidroproject Institute, flow
in the Volga, Dona and Dnieper basins in multi-sea years may exceed average

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