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Hydroenergy Of Kyrgyz

on the theme:Kirgizi Hydropower in the context of addressing the water and energy problems of Central Asia." Science paper on Politics and Political Science

Kirgizia Hydropower in the context of addressing the water and energy problems of Central Asia
B.N. Mubarakshin
Kyrgyzstan is one of the States with large water resources. Despite the enormous hydropower potential of the republic ' s rivers, national energy depended heavily on the work of the Toktogoul hydroelectric power station, which also played a major role in maintaining the water and energy balance in Central Asia. In the context of the ongoing disputes between the Central Asian States regarding the operation of the hydrozul, one of the best ways to address the region ' s water and energy problems could be the construction of the Kambaratine GEC cascade in Kirgisia.
The management of the water and energy resources of the Aral Sea basin is the most complex regional problems of Central Asia. Even in Soviet times, there have often been disputes between the Central Asian republics, which have indeed been dealt with by the federal leadership. The unfaithfulness of the coexistence of the republics has been achieved through an integrated system of management of the region ' s water and energy potential. Within this framework, priority was given to irrigation and agriculture in the plains of Central Asia (Amudaria and Syr Darya) and to the hydropower sector in the mountains. Unavoidable imbalances were offset by inter-republic energy and agricultural supplies.
With the collapse of the USSR and the destruction of former economic ties, a well-structured system has once begun to fail. In the circumstances, stop--
The sheer existence of a centralized energy supply system of the Central Asian republics was concerned about the adoption of urgent measures to ensure energy independence, which was erroneously understood as the focus on maximizing the use of its own resources, and for decades the water-energy architecture in the region has increasingly gone to a second stage. For non-enriched hydrocarbons, but with the enormous water resources of Kirgisia, a natural instrument for achieving energy. ♪ ♪

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