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Skif Biz


What does SKIF represent?

CIFF is a software package that can be installed both on the website and locally. Unlike the use of external cloud services, this will allow you:

have full control and access to your system and database,
refine the system to meet its needs,
Integrate the records directly with your Internet store and other services on your website,
Use the system free of charge, without restrictions on the number of users, the size of the database and other limits inherent in the free tariffs of other cloud services.

If you don't have your own site yet, our specialists will help you register it and deploy the SKIF on it. When registering a new site on the hosting of our partner, AGAVA, the SIF installation and construction service, and its own domain and corporate e-mail addresses are provided free of charge.

Start optimizing your business right now! Order the Free Recording System of the CIF

What's the SkyF better than normal programs?

The cloud version of the CIF does not require software on your computer. You can work with any computer from the office, home, road or rest. Only logic and access password. Access to the CIF is securely protected by two-stage authorisation.
It is possible to establish and maintain several separate bases, as well as joint and simultaneous work in an unlimited number of users, your staff. Your warehouse and financial records are automatically synchronized with your Internet store and other online services on your website. And ten more advantages. And that's what's going on!

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