Альтернативные источники тока

Alternative Current Sources

Альтернативные источники энергииSo, for starters, we'll figure out what alternative energy is. The definition is as follows. Alternative energy is a combination of promising energy techniques that are not as widespread as traditional, but they are of great interest because of their benefits and can be used at low risk of adverse environmental impacts. Alternative energy sources are therefore fuel for alternative energy.

Most people will agree that they will ever have to give up the usual fuel. This is the cause of war, pollution and climate change. But scientists have been researching alternative sources such as sun, wind and water for years.

СахарHowever, wind power systems and solar panels are still more expensive than coal and oil processing, and they are not suitable for all areas.

For this reason, researchers do not stop looking for new solutions, gradually drawing attention to less popular methods. Some are rather unusual, some are stupid, unrealistic, and places are disgusting.

Creative approach to search alternative sources of energy approaches energy security issues. This should not necessarily be large-scale projects.Энергия солнечного ветра There is nothing wrong with small-scale solutions in the villages or settlements of developing countries.

Next, you will be represented by the 10 most unusual sources of energy. But who knows, in the short term, these most unusual “batteries” may be used by mankind.

(1) Putting sugar in a car tank is an old and far from harmless joke that could lead to a breakdown of the engine. But sugar can be an excellent fuel for your car.Метан из фекалий животных The Virgin Institute ' s specialists are working on the extraction of hydrogen sugar, which can be used as clean and cheap fuel, which does not distinguish toxic substances and odours. Scientists dissolve sugar in water with 13 powerful enzymes in the reactor that produces hydrogen from the mixture.

Hydrogen is removed and pumped into the battery to produce energy. As a result, 3 times more hydrogen is produced than traditional methods, affecting the cost of technology.

Regrettably, before consumers can refuel cars with sugar, it will be a decade. The nearest future would be the most realistic construction of sugar batteries for laptops, mobile phones and other electrical equipment. These batteries will work longer and more reliable today ' s analogs.

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