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Alternative Energy Sources For The Private House

Alternative energy sources for the home have their virtues and shortcomings. Such clean energy sources are used on the basis of heat pumps as well as solar panels and wind generators. It was almost clear that the best economic effect was achieved by combining several sources of this type.
Most common sources of alternative energy directions.
Given our country ' s climate conditions, the best alternative sources for a private house can be:
:: Wind-generators;
Solar panels;
● heat pumps;
• Solar collectors and wind-generators;
heat pumps, solar panels and wind-generators;

альтернативные источники энергии для частного домаSuch sources focus on dwellings with hot water, which is now relevant. The value of systems in general is at least half of the value of all public services during the heating season, which lasts about 7 to 10 months.
Of course, the inhabitants of multi-ethnic homes are very limited in the choice of alternative sources, as well as in their combination. The most realistic and optimal option could be a vacuum collector and a solar battery. Moreover, such a thermal water supply option could be organized for adjacent apartments.
In private homes, it is possible to organize full autonomy through such sources of energy. This may be a scheme with components such as:
Solar battery 30 per cent;
· The windmill, which is about 70 per cent of the total electrical energy of the house;
● a heat pump for heating and hot water.
Options can be combined with finance and power characteristics without compromising efficiency. Of course, there are large investments in private designs and, in addition, not immediately purchased. But technical reliability is at the highest level and a long life (some 15-25 years). As the country ' s geographical location is optimal in both the breadth and the longitude of the planet, such sources of energy are relevant and distinct rules. The calculation of alternative energy sources and their design is similar to the normal construction calculations of experts in this field.

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