Альтернативные источники

Alternative Fuel Sources

1. Natural gas
Natural gas is an alternative fuel that is completely burned and is now widely available to consumers in many countries through the provision of natural gas to houses and production facilities. When used in natural gas vehicles (vehicles and lorries with specially designed engines), natural gas is significantly less harmful than petrol or diesel.

2. Electricity
Electricity may be used as an alternative fuel for battery-driven vehicles or fuel cell vehicles. Electric vehicles operating from the batteries accumulate energy in batteries charged by connecting the vehicle to the standard power source. Fuel cell vehicles are electrically powered by an electrochemical reaction that occurs when hydrogen and oxygen are connected. Fuel cells produce electricity without internal combustion and pollution.

3. Hydrogen
Hydrogen can be mixed with natural gas to produce alternative fuel for vehicles using certain types of internal combustion engines. Hydrogen is also used in vehicles with fuel cells that are electrically produced by a reaction that occurs when hydrogen and oxygen are connected to the fuel cell.

4. Propane
Propane, also referred to as liquefied petroleum gas, is a by-product of natural gas or crude oil processing. It is already widely used as fuel for cooking and heating; propane is also a common alternative fuel for vehicles. The propane uses less harmful air emissions than gasoline, and there is a highly developed infrastructure for the transport, storage and distribution of propane.

5. Biodiesel
Biodiesel is an alternative fuel based on vegetable oils or fat animals, even those who remain in restaurants after cooking. Vehicle engines may be modified so that they can be burned. ♪ ♪

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