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Modern Energy Sources

Sustainable energy is the " gold thread " that links economic growth, social justice and a healthy environment. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said that at UN headquarters in New York.

Speaking at United Nations Headquarters in New York, at a briefing on sustainable energy, the head of the United Nations said that it was time to make every effort to ensure that hundreds of millions of people were modern. Clean Energy Sources

Ban Ki-moon recalled that the United Nations Summit in New York would soon adopt a development agenda for the period up to 2030. It defines 17 sustainable development goals. The seventh objective is renewable energy development.

“I welcome the inclusion of energy as the seventh objective of sustainable development”, Ban Ki-moon stated.

The head of the United Nations recalled his initiative on Sustainable Energy for All, which he had launched in 2011. It addresses three interdependent goals by 2030: universal access to modern energy, double energy efficiency and double the share of renewable energy in the world energy balance.

BAN Ki-moon expressed confidence that efforts in these areas would lead to the elimination of poverty and to success in the fight against climate change.

The head of UN noted that thousands of partners, including representatives of Governments, international organizations, the civil community and the private sector, had been mobilized for the 2011 initiative.

Ban Ki-moon noted that, as part of the Sustainable Energy for All initiative, experts had presented their views on how to raise $120 billion per year for sustainable energy development.

To date, every fifth person in the world lives without electricity. More than one third of all mankind is used to cook and heating kerosene, wood, charcoal and manure.

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