Norwegian Hydropower

The Government of Norway pays considerable attention to the qualitative changes in energy. The main areas of change are efficiency gains, environmental protection, reduced administration costs. Work planning in this area is carried out in the near future, 10 years and 30 years.

Hydropower and liquid fuel are the basis for Norwegian high-enriched energy. Until recent years, Norway has rightly been considered classical Hydropower♪ Upper all European countries for hydropower (120 billion kWh per year), it ranks first in the world for per capita electricity generation (more than 20,000 kWh in 1978). Virtually all electricity generated in the country is 81 billion. kWh per year - give hydroelectric power more than 17 million KW.

Numerous natural water lakes in high flats, waterfalls and cooling rivers do not require expensive dams, which is extremely costly. The country ' s hydro resources are very evenly dispersed. This enables the construction of powerful energy complexes in the Astlampa Valleys on Telemark, Westlanna Fjords and North Norway ' s empty rivers. A large network of small hydropower plants has been established and operated effectively, which is the basis for the electricity supply of industry and households. With the successful use of the terrain, cascade and pumping power plants have been widely distributed in the country.

Almost all major power plants are connected with power lines in a single power system, linked in turn to electrical and electrical plants and all cities. In some years, excess electricity is transferred to Denmark (underwater cable) and to Sweden. A small proportion of the country ' s energy mix is coal in the country ' s energy mix, but not more than 3-4 per cent.

In total, there are 4 hydroelectric plants: Vemork, Melkefos GEC, Paz GEC, Scogphos GEC.

There is also one tidal power station, the Hammerfest PPP. It was created as a pilot, and...

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