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Volge Hydropower

Scientific work on the use of forced labour for prisoners at the Volge hydropower sites in the 1930s-1950s. Scientific article on history. Historical sciences

31. Hapikov A.H. Abashev Cultural Observatories in the Marija ASSR/Abashev Culture in the Midwifery. Materials and studies on archaeology of the USSR. No. 97. AN USSR, 1961. C. 157-241.
32. Hapikov A.H., Lebedinsk G.V., Gerasimova M.M. Pepkin Kurgan / Labour of the Marie Archaeological Expedition. T. III. Yoskar-Ola: Mar. Kn, two, 1966. 69 c.
33. S.M. Ancient cities and other Bullgaro-Tatar monuments of the Kazan Huberia. Kazan: University printing, 1877. 585 s.
BOLSHOV SERGEY VLADIMIROVICH - candidate of historical sciences, doctoral candidate of Regional History Department, Mari State University, Russia, Yoshkar-Ola.
KFOR 947.084
Keywords: Big Volga, Volgolag, GULAG, Hydrozel, Correctional Labour Camp.
The problem of the use of the labour force of convicted GULAG in the process of construction of the wolf cascade hydros was addressed. Changes in the number of specialcontin-gents, problems in its labour use and the degree of exploitation have been identified and analysed. It has been established that corrective labour camps were specially established during this period to provide labour force for the construction of hydrouses on the Volga. The benefits of forced labour were mobility and low housing requirements. The number of prisoners depended on the scale of construction. Labour efficiency due to low qualifications, lack of interest and other reasons has been low, but its use has helped to accelerate many production tasks.

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