What Are Alternative Sources Of Energy

♪ Competitive concept for non-conventional renewable energy sources (wet, tidal, geothermal heat) as opposed to traditional (oil, gas, coal, etc.). Syn.: Renewable energy ...

♪ Energy is not derived from its traditional sources (coal, oil, salans, etc.) but from renewable energy sources, solar, wind, tidal and tidal, geothermal sources of Business Terms. Academy. 2001.

- [A.S. Goldberg] Anglo Russian energy dictionary. 2006] Energy topics in general EN alternative energy sources ...

- Wikipedia.

- Introduction. The problem of energy has long been a rib, especially for some areas of our country and the world as a whole. And the reason is, these places don't have access, or they're very complicated, to energy resources, such as coal, oil and gas, which... ...Vicipedia

♪ Competitive concept for non-conventional renewable energy sources (wet, tidal, geothermal heat) as opposed to traditional (oil, gas, coal, etc.). Syn.: alternative sources of energy ...Geography

♪ Alternative gravitational theories are accepted to refer to the theory of gravity that exists as an alternative to the general theory of Relativity (UTO) or substantially (critical or principled) modifying it. To alternative gravity theories... ...Vicipedia

♪ The case of the Katinsk shooting became political instantly with the discovery of the Germans' graves in 1943, and all the investigations carried out, apart from the possibility of being Polish (near, Soviet, American) were closely linked to...

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