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Hydropower And Integrated Water Resources Management

Примечание: в числителе дано полное водопотребление, в знаменателе – безвозвратное.

Book 3. Heating and hydropower development

Even at the dawn of civilization, building reservoirs, ancient builders provided for their integrated use to protect against floods, irrigation, water, navigation.

Socio-economic significance of water management complexes. The integrated use of water resources remains a fundamental principle in the construction of hydropower facilities worldwide. The integrated use of reservoirs effectively addresses the global challenges that are particularly acute for humankind now and related to the provision of water, industry, agriculture, flood control, clean energy, such as renewables Hydropower♪ World water consumption trends (table 2.10) are characterized by an overall increase in water consumption in the past 25 years almost twice.

The water reservoir with the hydrozul and the lower bluff area affected by changes in the hydrological regime, as well as all hydrotechnic, protective and environmental installations, form a water management complex (HC). VHC can merge the hydro nodes on the river.

There are many examples of the determinative impact of SCCPs on the economic and social development of many countries, although they are perceived by society in a ambiguous manner, given the perceived negative impact on the environment.

For example, the establishment of VHC based on the Asuna Reservoir on the p. Neil in Egypt, with a volume of 168, 9 km3 has had a multilateral positive impact on the country ' s socio-economic development, has increased the country ' s production of more than 0.8 million land and increased its electricity production by 10 billion. kWh, protected the Nile valley from devastating floods and drought risks, improved navigation and tourism conditions, created conditions for rapid development of fishery, and generally improved living conditions, especially in rural areas.

Вид на Волжское (Куйбышевское) водохранилище Шлюз на ГЭС «Три ущелья» Рис. 2.16. Шлюз на Днепрогэсе Водохранилище Циллергрюндль (Австрия)

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