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Belarus Hydropower

Hydroelectric energy is generated by the movement of water. This applies to electricity generated by sea tidal power plants or river hydropower or gravity.

The marine hydroelectric power consists of wave, tidal and tidal energy, as well as energy derived from the diversity of salt and ocean temperatures. However, marine hydropower requires access to open water bodies that are not available in Belarus. We will therefore focus this section on river hydropower.

Hydroelectric energy is produced by natural cycling of water or sewage collected in rivers and lakes as a result of rain and snowfall. Electricity is produced either from the natural current of the river, forming electricity continuously and changing according to the natural flow rate, or by selective discharge of water from the reservoirs as required.

Hydroelectric plants in rivers have different dimensions and are usually subject to one of the following types:

  • Damaged GEC;
  • CFCs; or
  • Hydroaccumulative power plants (GAES).

They all use turbines to generate electricity in water traffic. The type of object chosen is usually influenced by technical suitability (e.g. relay and water supply) and the type of electricity generated (base or peak load).


The hydroelectric power is produced by hydroelectric power for immediate transmission and/or consumption with limited or no storage capacity. Storage, which is accessible in limited form, is known as the repository. Stations without a reservoir usually serve as peak power plants and reservoir stations can be either basic or peak generators.

The hydrocarbons are ideally suitable for rivers with a minimum flow in dry weather or controlled by large dams, with a water storage facility upstream.

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