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Electric Power Types

Electricity: composition, type of power plants, factors and locations. Electricity and environmental issues.

Electricity is an industry on which the development of all other sectors of the economy depends to a large extent, and electricity production is a critical indicator on which the development level of the country is judged.
The location of power stations depends on the type of station, is affected primarily by the resource factor (depending on the energy source used) and consumers.
In Russia, about 75 per cent of energy is produced by thermal power plants. TEC is built in areas of fuel production or energy consumption. GEC is profitable to build on the rivers of the sea. Therefore, the largest GPPs are built on the Siberian rivers. Enisei, Angaré. But the GEC cascades and the plain rivers are also built: Volge, Kame.
AEC is built in areas where energy is consumed and other energy resources are scarce (in the western part of the country).
The stations of different types are integrated into the Single Energy System, which allows for the rational use of their power, to supply all consumers.
All major types of power plants have a significant adverse effect on nature. TEC polluts the air, slags of coal-fired stations occupy vast areas.
The water reservoir of equilibrium hydrocarbons is flooded with fertile land, causing land to sink. NPPs are also insecure. The future for the use of non-traditional sources of energy is wind, tidal, sun and earth's inner energy. However, there are only two tidal stations (Kol Peninsula and the Hot Sea) and one geothermal (Camchatka).

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