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Future Hydropower

Гидроэнергетика - это перспективное направление в сфере чистой и возобновляемой энергииAs the solar conversion device is cheaper and more effective, social attention is being paid. But it should be noted that solar panels are not the only weapon in the net energy armour. Given that more than 70 per cent of the Earth ' s surface is covered by water, hydropower can easily provide fossil fuels.
Let us know what projects deserve attention and respect.

The marine water pump will provide hydroelectric energy on first demand

One of the greatest disadvantages of many renewable energy sources is the frequent disruptions to which they are exposed. Sometimes the sun's not bright enough, the wind's not always breathing, and even in the oceans there are times of stiffness.Энергогенерирующая лагуна в заливе Суонси, Великобритания Searaser aims to address this issue. Okay, using waves, it pumps water, then releases it, creating energy as necessary. The project received strong support and the clean energy magnet Dale Vince purchased Searaser and announced its plans to establish 200 commercial devices every five years.

The scandalous dams were replaced by tidal lagoons.

Концепция морского небоскреба, собирающего отходы пластика и генерирующего электричествоThe British Gulf, which separates the western part of Wales from South-West England, can brag about the highest tidal in the world. For some time, the British Government was planning to build a huge tidal dam that was said to cover 5-10 per cent of British energy needs. But the plan has caused dissatisfaction among environmental activists who have reported great damage to ecosystems. And today, the focus has shifted to tidal lagoons that will cause much less harm, but will provide energy to hundreds of thousands of houses. The energy-generating lagoon in the Suonsi Bay is only the first of the planned complexes around Britain, and three of them will start working by 2021.

Miniature power plants for wet and shower water

Researchers have been attracted by large-scale hydropower plants, and South Korean scientist Matt Hikman has recently stated that we will soon be able to generate electricity through toilets, showers, plumbing and watersheds. Devices with transformers collecting water to generate small amounts of renewable energy will help light the entire apartment on one day.

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