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Hydropower And Environmentg

In 2016, Novosibir GEC

According to the company, the spring peak lasted more than 100 days.

The water flow to the Novosibir NPP site was 32, 1 km3, of which 4,5 km3 of water remained in the Novosibir Reservoir.

This has led to a significant reduction in the sub-heating of the dash sites below Obi.

Today, water flows are gradually declining.

According to the West - Siberia Hydrometeorological and Environmental Monitoring Directorate in August 2016, the average density of the Novosibir GEC is 2,150 m3/s at an average age of 2030 m3/s.

The Novosibirian Reservoir is now filled to 113, 55 metres and at the request of the Novosibirsk BW on 25 July 2016, the Novosibirsk GEC has completely completed the idling of water through the water dam.

Gender specialists in Novosibir province are estimated to be completing.

On the 1st time, the maximum water flow to the Novosibir GEC compound was recorded on 23 April 2016 g - 5,270 m3/s.

In the future, the velocity began to decline and reached 3,060 m3/s on 1 June 2016.

The 2nd peak was observed on 3 July 2016 and was 5,190 m3/s.

Thus, the effective operation of the GEC has significantly reduced flooding in 2014 and 2015 floods.

In 2015, the Novosibir hydroelectric emissions were 1, 5 times higher than 2014.

The total sex of 2015 was 39, 5 km3 above the average age of 12 per cent, but 1,3 km3 below 2014.

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