Hydroenergy In The Republic Is A Presentation

The Grodomenergo RUP, together with the Belengergo GPO, continues to attract foreign direct investment. On 23 September, a meeting was held in Minsk to discuss proposals from foreign companies for the construction of the German GEC. In the past, potential investors have received a regional energy system.

A meeting with the Chinese company CITIC Consruction was held early in September at the Grodnoenergo RUP. The Deputy Director-General, Stanislav SOCORODZEV, as well as the heads of the offices and services concerned, represented the Energy System.

The proposed investors ' delegation included specialists from the Chinese State Company CITIC Consruction Republic of Belarus and the Chinese company Gezhouba, with which GPO Belengergo has maintained business relations since 2010.

During his company ' s presentation, the Executive Director of the Yang ZIAN projects drew attention to CITIC Construction ' s extensive experience in the construction of similar hydroelectric plants on Chinese territory.

It is important to note that CITIC Consruction is not a newcomer for Belarus ' s economy: specialists from this Chinese company have already carried out several major investment projects for the construction of cement technology in our country.

As part of the meeting, Chinese representatives visited the Grodnen GEC on the Neman River, as well as the proposed site of the Nemnova GEC, which was highly appreciated and recognized as a promising project for the hydropower project.

The 20 MWth project of the Nemnovsk GEC is planned under the BOT (construction - operation - transfer). The site of the hydrozul must be located 20 kilometres from Grodno below Neman in the village of Plebanski, 5-6 kilometres from Lithuania.

The pre-project training (investment justification) of the Nemnova Hydroelectric Project reviewed options for the construction of a GEC building with a capacity of 4,167 MW and Pit-Kaplan turbines.

The year ' s average electricity generation project will be estimated at 100 million kWh; the estimated value of the investment project is $130 million. With an investor, the construction of another GEC on the Neman River is planned to begin in 2017.

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