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Large Hydropower

Гоцатлинская ГЭСRusgidro commissioned the Gozzatlin GEC in Dagestan. To date, this is the largest hydroelectric power station fully built in post-Soviet time. Since 1 October 2015, the GEC has started work on the whole electricity market. In this regard, it is time to recall the progress of the project and to describe what the station looks like.
Ghotzatlyn GEC against the background of the sun
The Gozzatlin GEC is built on the river of Avarsk Coyce, one of the components of the Sulak River. Large hydropower has been developing in Dagestan since the 1960s through the progressive development of the Sulak River, with the usual bottom-up development.Гоцатлинская ГЭС The first were the construction of the lowest stations, the derivatives of the Chirürtt GEC. Then they built the largest cascade station, the Chirkei GEC and its controller, the Miatlin GEC. Sulaca ' s potential has been exploited and the construction of hydro stations in Avar Coyce has begun, the first of which was the Irganai GEC, which was set up in 1979, but the construction has been very prolonged due to the collapse of the USSR and the first hydroagate of the station was only launched in 1998.
Irganai GEC
According to the hydropower scheme of the Avarsky Coyce above the Irganai GEC, the construction of Zirani GEC with a high dam and a fairly large reservoir was planned. However, in view of the wishes of Dagestan to reduce the area of land flooding, which is of particular value in mountain conditions, it was decided in 1990 to change the scheme and to accommodate two stations instead of one, the density of the Gozzatlin power of 100 MW and the derivative of the Mogokh power plant 80 MW below it. From now on, the story of the Gozzatlin GES begins.
Ghoztlin GES dam
The technical project of the station was developed in 1991-94 by the Lengidroproject Institute and approved in 1996. At the same time, preparatory work (the Territory ' s planning for productive bases, the establishment of LEPAs and sub-standards), which had to be terminated in 1997 owing to the country ' s difficult economic situation, had been initiated. The " halfway project " was a priority to the construction of the Irganai GEC rather than the construction of new stations.

Гоцатлинская ГЭС Гоцатлинская ГЭС Гоцатлинская ГЭС Гоцатлинская ГЭС

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