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Museum Of Hydroelectricity

Музей ГидроэнергетикиThe city's guests have a unique opportunity to attend a museum that has no similarities in the world.

A Russian Hydropower Museum was located in the former Volgolaga office near the Uglic GEC. On the three floors in the 11 halls, not just an exclusive meeting on the history of the industry, but a real interactive centre where there are no Rouges to touch! And every visitor can find a lot of interesting here for himself.

The Museum ' s exhibition will highlight the stages of hydropower development in the USSR and Russia, the outstanding professions and the Russian GEC. There are also exhibits on water, future plans for the development of Russian hydropower. Electrical maps, sensor screens with teaching, informing and entertaining programmes designed for both adults and children, film rooms and experienced tour guides will make you in the museum truly unforgettable, as evidenced by the exemplary feedback from first guests.

The uniqueness of the museum has also been confirmed by leading world hydropower specialists, members of the International Commission on Heavy Dams, the most representative and respected organization, which brings together prominent scientists and industry practitioners.

Excursion service and ticket cost:

Survey tours: organized groups (up to 15 persons) and individual visitors: 11:00, 14:00, 16:00.

Adult ticket: 200 roubles/person.

Schools, students, pensioners, people with health restrictions: 150 rubies/persons.

Children under 7: free

For children: Tours are offered for children. Children travel through a museum with Capelka and Isoqa, which are fascinating about the world of water and electricity, showing all kinds of magic and magic.

For school groups:

Lessons on topics (45 minutes) + overview tour (45 minutes):
"Water" for class 1-4.
"Let's go to the Volga Mother" for grades 5-8.
"Trial use of electricity" for grades 5-8.
Winning power for grades 9-11.
"Regulatory GEC for Region Development" for 9 to 11.

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