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Mini Hydroelectric Power Station

Owing to the constant increase in coal-fired power sources, specialists are increasingly focusing on the benefits of more cost-effective electricity. One of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly modes of electricity generation is the hydroelectric plant for the home, which is costly for the primary construction and maintenance of equipment. But not every locality has the natural capacity to build such facilities, which require a massive water flow and a large range of altitudes created by dams, in which case mini-gPPs come to energy assistance.

Working principle and GSE minions

The operating principle of this equipment is simple enough to add to its reliability. The water flow into the turbine scapegoat rotates a hydroelectric power train that produces electricity under the control system.
Modern GSE mines are equipped with a control system that enables automatic operation with an instant transition to manual control in case of an emergency. The multi-layer protection system avoids the overloading of equipment while changing external conditions. The construction of stations minimizes construction work during the installation of the necessary equipment.

GEC varieties

Mini hydroelectric power station - This equipment, with a capacity of between 1 and 3,000 kW, which includes a watershed (turbine), an energy-generating unit and an equipment management system.
Depending on water resources used, NPP mines are divided into several categories:

  • Russian stations using small river energy with organized reservoirs. Applicable mainly to plains;
  • stationary stations using rapid current energy in the operation of mountain rivers;
  • Stations using water flow in industrial enterprises;
  • mobile stations using armed sleeves to flow.

According to the expected pressure of the water flow, the hydro aggregate and its turbines of power of the electric power unit are designed to provide the necessary engine speed and to facilitate the establishment of the required current speed.

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