Крупнейший в мире каскад ГЭС

Rossia Hydropower On The Map

Project name Start
Project year
Project year

Preparation of the draft OAO RAO standard " Russia ' s EEA " Metody of Assessment of the Technical Status of Basic Equipment of GSE "

2005 2006

The draft Standard provides a set of standards for application in the control and assessment of the technical condition of the major equipment of the GEC during its operation. The draft Standard sets out the requirements for the methodology and standards for the assessment of the technical condition of the 19 essential hydropower units and 7 GEC technical systems providing normal operation of the major equipment. Provision is also made for the organization of a system of technical control and assessment of the technical condition of the equipment at hydroelectric power stations and the related requirements for the system.
The draft standard contains:

  • Method of assessment of the technical status of major equipment of GEC
  • Economic justification of the standard
  • Compilation of feedback from organizations and experts

Development of a standard standard for " Scientific and technical survey of the state of hydrotechnical installations and adjacent areas of unenhanced rolls "


The standard sets out requirements for a submarine survey of the surfaces of hydroelectric hydroelectric power plants and associated surfaces by the upper and lower bluffs of the unenforced rolls, the volume and quality of the survey information to the technical characteristics of the measuring equipment, and the composition and organization of the work. ♪ ♪

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