Гидроэнергетика. Презентация

Rossy Hydropower Presentation

All the city and school libraries of Novočeboxarska have replenished their funds with a new historic and artistic publication from masts to kil. The books to the city were given by the Cheboxar GEC as part of the long-term charitable programme of Rusgidro " Clean Energy " .

The illustrated history of the Russian fleet at Petr I jointly prepared and released the oldest child publisher, DETAZ, and Rus Gidro. The presentation " From Mast to Kil " of hydropower will be conducted in 20 regions of the company ' s presence, from the Caucasus to the Far East.

The book from the mast to the keel was written by a well-known scholar and television clerk, the Doctor of Historical Sciences of Evgeny Anishimov, a sign of the Petrovian era. He speaks alive and fascinatingly about how the ships were built at the end of the sixteenth century, the beginning of the seventeenth century, with whom they were trained and where Russian ships began, as they were released and armed, in which language they were " spoken " .

The book is saturated by many historical and technical details, including illustrations. Nikita Andreev ' s artist not only shows the ships in detail, but also explains why ship ' s instruments, mechanisms and technical devices are needed. Thanks to the scrupulous " manual " work of an artist, you can look at the workshops of carpenters, blacks, litterers, verphies, docks, even in the holds, to see the ship in the cut.

In Novočeboxarsk, a book was submitted to the central library of Yu. Gagarin for the opening of the 11th annual Water Week. The traditional action is conducted by the Cheboxard GEC and devotes it to World Water Day. The meeting notes on 22 March to recall the need to rationalize and conserve freshwater.

The first 30 copies of Mast to Kyle were received by third graders from gymnastics No. 6. They became members of the crew of the ship captain and met with Petr I himself.

80 more. Hydropower books 30 libraries of Novočeboxarska - urban, school, supplementary education and culture.

Mountains, who will meet the new red edition of the Machata to Kil, will be able to participate in the buktreiler competition*, which the Czech BSEC will hold jointly with Saratov, Kam, Zigul and Votkin hydropower stations.

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