Ветроэнергетические ресурсы

Wind Energy In Refers



Cafédra: “UNESCO”


On the theme: The wind power. Outlook

Republic of Belarus”


Minsk, 2002

Non-traditional energy

Because we don't have a tradition anywhere else.

protect your own nature.


The history of human society (including our Belarus) can be viewed differently. Like the history of kings, imperials, presidents. You can. development history energy.

The sun heats differently from the Earth ' s surface, mountains and valleys, oceans and land. The air ocean we live on is always unsettled. The winds are always and everywhere, from a light veteran that brings the desired cool in summer knowledge, to powerful and storms.

The great energy of the moving air masses, and the idea of using it has long attracted people. And using that energy has learned thousands of years before our age. Wind energy helped to overcome the seas, wind mills were the only source of energy for human settlements where no rivers or seas existed.

In Europe, the number of water mills at the end of the VXIII century reached half a million. In Belarus, 258 wind mills were in the middle of the nineteenth century, for example, in Grodne.

The scarcity of world fuel and energy reserves, the uneven distribution of fuels around the world, the deterioration of the environmental situation are all over the question of the worldwide use of non-traditional environmentally sound energy technologies and the use of renewable energy resources.

And now there has been no interest in the use of wind power, the source of the unfinished, and, indeed, the technology of the twentieth century has opened up new possibilities.

The active use of clean energy sources is now a good sign of good tone, and is welcomed by both the world public and the Governments of developed countries.

Of these, wind is the most common and affordable. The operation of windmills does not require fuel and water, they can be fully automated, the depreciated area is minimal and calculated at between 3 and 5 m2/kW of installed capacity. These installations are almost complete and require a minimum of time (bondage and connection). That's why the wind power develops.

The effective operation of winds requires certain accommodation requirements. For example, the relatively constant operation of wind power plants requires their placement in areas where wind capacity is 2,500 hours per year.

The wind conditions of the area for wind use are characterized by wind power, which includes various wind values based on multi-year observations: average annual and average monthly wind speeds; repeat speed and wind direction during the year, month, day; ruptures, winds and maximum wind speeds; changes in its height and wind speeds.

The reliability of an assessment of the wind potential of the terrain is the most important factor determining the efficiency of wind power stations.

It should be noted that a wind force classification has been developed on the Bophora scale and its impact on the characteristics of the wind power plants of the different classes and their working conditions has been examined.

Wind force on the Bophore scale and its impact on

Windows and their working conditions.

Boffora balls

Wind speed, m/s

The wind





Conditions for VES

0, 4 - 1, 8


Smoke from the pipes is slightly deviated; the rags appear on the water



1, 8 - 3, 6


The wind's in the face, the leaves silencing, the water's incredibly disturbed.

3, 6 - 5, 8


Leaf rolls on trees, light flags develop; barrels appear on individual waves

They're starting to rotate the scapegoat of quiet veES.

Bad for all installations

5, 8 - 8, 5


The thin branches of the trees, the dust rises, the water has many barrels.

Start spinning the field of all the WEUs.


8, 5 - 11


They're starting to rock the trees, all the waves in the barrels.

VES reaches 30 per cent of project

Very good.

Winds are classified as follows:

The position of windscreen on the direction of the wind;

- windscreen geometry;

- by wind power.

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