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Small Hydropower In Europe

Истина в водеWhy didn't oil and gas become a curse for Norway?

Norway is unique in the world energy market. On the one hand, it is one of the leading countries in the production and export of hydrocarbons, on the other hand, the world leader in the use of RE, especially water.

Norway, like Russia, is lucky with natural resources. It is the world ' s third net exporter of gas and ranks sixth in the world for oil exports. TEC accounts for one third of the Government ' s revenues, much of which are invested in technological development, including in the area of renewable energy, although it is now in order.

By selling energy abroad, Norway ' s own electricity needs are almost entirely, 97-99 per cent, met by GEC. The Kingdom ranks sixth in the world, with the total amount of hydropower generated and the first in electricity generation per capita.

With a relatively small number of inhabitants (1 per cent of the population of Europe), Norway has 20 per cent of the Star Light hydro resources. And almost all the hydropotentials of the country are available. It's like the local nature itself has to build a GEC. Numerous waterfalls and steeply falling rivers generate cheap electricity without expensive dams. Moreover, the country ' s hydro resources are evenly dispersed.

The first industrial GEC was built in Norway in 1885 on a waterfall purchased by the Government specifically for this purpose. The station provided electricity to the local railway line. The experiment was recognized as a success, and a massive implementation of the GEC has started throughout the country, enabling Norway to become one of the world ' s leading economies. Already in 1920, all the towns of the Kingdom were electrified, and 64 per cent of the country ' s inhabitants used electricity.

For reference Major GEC Norway - Quildal (Kvilldal)

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