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Small Hydropower In Kazakhstan

Human electricity is needed, and its needs are increased every year. However, the stocks of traditional natural fuels (Nefti, Coal, Gas) are final. It is therefore important to date to find beneficial sources of electricity, not only in terms of cheap fuels, but also in terms of simplicity, the operation of cheap material for the construction of the station, the durability of stations. This work is an overview of the modern state of human energy resources. The aim of the work is to familiarize itself with the current state of affairs in this extremely broad area. Traditional sources of energy are primarily: heat, nuclear and water flow.

Non-traditional energy uses wind, sun, biomass, geothermal energy, Small hydropower et al.

An analysis of the state of energy shows that a large share of energy is in the cold times of the year when the need for energy is increasing.

The most promising area in Kazakhstan for wind energy is the Jungar Gate. They are an intergal valley of 20 km and 10-15 km wide. Strong and long storms are most commonly observed in cold periods of the year. The duration of individual drills is 50 to 100 hours, reaching 250 to 300 hours in individual cases. The maximum wind speed is 40 to 60 m/s. Approximately 11,000 VEUs of 100-250 kW (25 m) may be located in the area. The production of one such windmill is estimated at 600,000 kWh.

In addition to wind power, solar energy and the energy of small rivers can be used most widely in Kazakhstan. There are pilot houses where 70 per cent of heat and hot water needs are provided by the Sun. It is possible to build " sunflowers " , which significantly saves fuel. So, Tashkent has a 1,000-mm delivery.












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